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In this section of the guide, we give you articles with all the information that you need to discover Barcelona. Whether you're a migrant living here or a tourist visiting, you want to know what to do in the city during your time here. The articles are divided into eight sections: special guides, living in Barcelona, gastronomy, history, curiosities, Catalan culture, art and architecture, and travel stories. In these sections, you'll find everything from the best restaurants, hidden history of monuments, sports activities, new places to see, and how to deal with bureaucracy.

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Living in Barcelona

The living in Barcelona section provides practical articles about life in the city. You'll find all the necessary information if you're coming to Barcelona to live or work on subjects like bureaucratic procedures, setting up internet, where to play sports, leisure, and schools


Catalan cuisine is part of Barcelona's culture. The city has an endless choice of restaurants and in this section with provide the addresses of some of the best restaurants on offer. You'll also find information on typical local dishes so you know the authentic food to taste, which you could even make from your own apartment.


This section will allow you to uncover the history of Barcelona, its monuments, streets, and squares. Each article shows the transformation over time of a monument or a part of the city, giving all the information about it. We'll also give you ideas what to do during your stay. Barcelona has some very beautiful historic locations.


In this section you can read about unusual or interesting aspects of Barcelona. Here you will find a lot of information to make the most of the Catalan capital and discover its more unconventional places to visit as well as some alternative activities. Don't forget the architectural quirks of the city to be discovered through the minds of artists, like author Carlos Ruiz Zafon and places like the Port Vell or Port Olympic.

Catalan culture

Here you'll find several articles on the distinct characteristics of Catalan culture like large-scale public events in Barcelona, for example the Correfocs. You will also discover the local passion for football deeply rooted within the culture of Barcelona. And finally, what are the typical activities to do in the city.

Art and architecture

There is a lot of art to discover in Barcelona, the city has a multitude of architectural styles depending on the neighbourhood. Here you can read about where to find the best examples of architecture across the districts. There are churches, art galleries, theatres, and cinemas where you can go enjoy art at its finest.

Travel stories

This section has all the tips and tricks to explore daytrips to towns near Barcelona such as Sitges. In these articles you can also read about the history of the locations and discover all the things to do during your stay as sightseeing monuments and attending local events.

There's plenty to discover. Are you ready?

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