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The Markets of Barcelona

The marketplaces of Barcelona ("Mercat" in Catalan) are a real treasure of the city, as well as a point of attraction for tourists. They allow direct contact with Catalonia's culinary culture. There are around 39 markets in Barcelona, which offer all you need not just for food but also other products that will awaken your curiousity.

The most iconic market of Barceloina is Boqueria Market by Las Ramblas. It received the award of best market in the world at the Washington International Congress of Public Markets in 2006. Here, amongst the jovial and colourful atmosphere you will find fresh produce as well as locales to get some good tapas. The best way to explore this charming market is to stay in an apartment on Las Ramblas.

Here are 4 markets you can't miss to enjoy the city and prepare meals in your apartment with fresh produce.

Encants Markets

Located in Plaça de les Glories in the Sant Martí district was one of the oldest markets in Europe before it was renovated and moved in 2013. The new market, though not technically the same as the original, has a new contemporary structure with a mirrored ceiling. It has more than 500 stalls that offer new and used products like antique furniture, books, records, collectibles, and gadgets. It has places to eat and there are also organized events like auctions.

Boqueria Market

At the heart of the city, this market is certainly a tourist attraction, visited by millions of tourists every year. Here you can find fresh produce and exotic foods from different countries. One of the peculiarities of this market is its relatively cheap fruit that can be found in several stalls. Its food locales are also recognized for tapas and other Catalan specialties.

Mercat de la Llibertat

Located in the Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona and founded in 1888 back when most of the area were still plains and fields, Mercat de la Llibertat is one of the most authentic marketplaces in the city. It was renovated in 2009 to improve its range of services while maintaining the original design. It's also a great place to find flowers.

Mercat del Ninot

This market is located in Eixample Esquerre and was also renovated, which gives this commercial precinct a modern edge. Here you will find fresh produce and places to eat. In the lower floor there's a supermarket with numerous products. On the outside of the market you will find clothes stalls and non-alimentary products.

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