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Studying in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the 10 best student destinations of the world, which is certainly not a coincidence. Apart from its unparalleled cultural heritage and privileged location on the Mediterranean coast, a lot has been invested in education and student infrastructures, making Barcelona a young and dynamic city.

In fact, Barcelona hosts some of the best universities in medicine, nursing, architecture, cinema and tourism, among other subjects. Barcelona is also a very cosmopolitan city; its blend of traditional and multicultural atmosphere gives it a unique touch.

If you choose to launch your career by doing an Erasmus or enrolling for a Master's degree in Barcelona, that's a wise decision. This also goes for those who are looking for a job in the Catalan capital. That's why, from OK Apartment, we want to help by giving you all the necessary information for a newcomer like you, so you won't have to wait another day to enjoy your new city to the fullest. You can start by taking a look at our selection of student accommodation all over Barcelona.


The first thing is to get an idea of how much it costs to live in Barcelona . We've put together these two articles, so you can see what kind of budget you need and why Barcelona is a great city for students.

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Barcelona is a mixture of cultures. Therefore many are foreigners looking to learn Spanish and other languages. There are also Spaniards who want to learn Catalan and other languages. That's why there are many language schools throughout Barcelona. You'll also see that there are many centres to study Catalan in Barcelona.

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In Barcelona there are some of the best national and international universities, and Business Schools. However, not only are there good universities but Barcelona also has a tonne of public libraries available to anyone who wants to use them along with fully-equipped places to study. Look at these articles and discover what's behind these historic libraries.

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Last but not least, find out how the city transforms when the sun goes down. Barcelona is known for its wide range of nightclubs and bars, and we believe it's impossible for you to get to know them all (challenge accepted?). That's why we've made a selection of the best nightclubs in Barcelona.

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